The Election Has Already Begun. November 3rd Is Just When It Ends.

The election is on November 3rd, right?

Well...not really.

With expanded early voting and vote-by-mail in most states, many Americans are already receiving their ballots right now, and as many as 80 million Americans could vote by the end of October. 

So, in reality, the election is not on November 3rd. Rather, the election ends on November 3rd.

This is why the Environmental Voter Project is running sophisticated ballot chase campaigns in the states listed below to (a) notify voters when their ballot is about to arrive, (b) confirm that voters receive their ballots, (c) encourage voters to return their ballots early (preferably to drop-boxes, but also by mail), (d) help voters to vote early in-person, and (e) assist voters in tracking whether their filled-out ballots have been received.

This is a time-consuming, data-intense process, but we know how deeply important it is that we succeed, and we also know that our volunteers and organizers are up to the long as we get the funding to make it happen.

Time is of the essence.

Please support our ballot chase programs in the following states, so we can turn non-voting environmentalists into first-time voters:

Donate for ARIZONA: targeting 170,000 first-time voters

Donate for COLORADO: targeting 130,000 first-time voters

Donate for FLORIDA: targeting 600,000 first-time voters

Donate for GEORGIA: targeting 220,000 first-time voters

Donate for MAINE: targeting 45,000 first-time voters

Donate for NEVADA: targeting 70,000 first-time voters

Donate for NORTH CAROLINA: targeting 170,000 first-time voters

Donate for PENNSYLVANIA: targeting 280,000 first-time voters

Donate for VIRGINIA: targeting 230,000 first-time voters

Or you can support our general voter mobilization work, and we'll use your donation wherever we see the greatest need.

Election Day has already begun. Let's do this.