Using every election as an opportunity to change voting behavior, we track our voters’ long-term voting habits to maximize the cumulative impact of our work.

With behavioral science-informed messaging, we text, call, canvass, mail, and send digital ads to millions of low-propensity environmental voters each year with just one goal: turning them into better voters. Since 2015, we have contacted 8.7 million non-voting and seldom-voting environmentalists and helped convert over 1 million of them into “super voters” who now consistently vote their values in every federal, state, and local election.

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A chart of EVP's progress converting voters over time

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Young climate activists stage a ‘die-in’ across from the White House on Earth Day in April this year. Young teens lay down on the ground holding signs that read GCM 4 Climate and Climate Action Now
  • November 18 2022
  • Press

The Guardian - Voters pass historic climate initiatives in ‘silent surprise’ of US midterms

The electoral support at the state and local levels for more climate action comes as world leaders meet at Cop27

Voter with red shoes casting their vote at their polling place
  • November 11 2022
  • Press

The New Republic - The Midterms’ Surprising Lesson for 2024: Court the Climate Voter

While crime got a lot of attention during the midterms, just as many voters rated climate change as their top concern. Could this be the next big voting bloc?

Sign that reads "Vote Here - Voting"
  • November 7 2022
  • Press

NBC LX - Many Environmentalists are Voting in Their First Midterm Election. Could That Swing Close Races?

Half a million people who rank climate change their top issue are voting for the first time in a midterm election. Could that make a difference in close races in states like Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania?

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