Join EVP to mobilize low propensity environmental voters ahead of November 8th elections in Maine, Virginia, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and Arizona.

The countdown is on, and the midterm general elections are just around the corner.

Sign up for our Day of Action to join the Environmental Voter Project in mobilizing low propensity environmental voters to vote by November 8th. We'll be calling voters in Virginia, Maine, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and Arizona with messaging informed by the latest behavioral science.

Sign up for a shift (or two or three) today! Every session begins with a training, so there's no prior experience necessary. If you've already been trained, you can log in, get the calling details, and start turning non-voters into voters!

Sign Up for Tuesday, Oct 11, 12-1:30pm EDT / 11am-12:30pm CDT / 10-11:30am MDT / 9-10:30am PDT / 8-9:30am AKDT: calling Maine and VirginiaSign up for Tuesday, Oct 11, 6-7:30pm EDT / 5-6:30pm CDT / 4-5:30pm MDT/ 3-4:30pm PDT / 2-3:30pm AKDT: calling New Hampshire and VirginiaSign up for Tuesday, Oct 11, 9-10:30pm EDT / 8-9:30pm CDT / 7-8:30pm MDT / 6-7:30pm PDT / 5-6:30pm AKDT: calling New Mexico and Arizona

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