Using every election as an opportunity to change voting behavior, we track our voters’ long-term voting habits to maximize the cumulative impact of our work.

With behavioral science-informed messaging, we call, canvass, mail, and send digital ads to millions of low-propensity environmental voters each year with just one goal: turning them into better voters. Since 2015, we have contacted 9.5 million non-voting and seldom-voting environmentalists and helped convert almost 1.5 million of them into “super voters” who now consistently vote their values in every federal, state, and local election.

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Rise of the Asian American Environmental Voter
  • May 22 2023
  • Reports & Studies

Rise of the Asian American Environmental Voter

The Environmental Voter Project (EVP) released a new report highlighting the disproportionately large numbers of Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) environmentalists identified by EVP's February 2023 predictive modeling data across all 19 states.
An image of utilitiy wires.
  • May 15 2023
  • Blog posts

Overlooked in Climate Politics: Will Maine Get a Customer-Owned Utility?

In this edition, we highlight Denver’s upcoming mayoral election, a fall ballot question that could give Maine a customer-owned non-profit utility, and a Tennessee law requiring local governments to include harmful methane gas in their clean energy standards.
An image of a fracking well
  • April 24 2023
  • Blog posts

Overlooked in Climate Politics: Don’t Frack with Our Water!

Welcome to the inaugural edition of “Overlooked in Climate Politics” — the Environmental Voter Project’s new monthly newsletter that gives you a quick rundown of 3 under-reported stories in climate politics. We hope you enjoy the newsletter and forward it to your friends (they can sign up here)! In this edition, we highlight a city charter amendment in El Paso, TX, a County Executive race in fracking country, and a bunch of new voting laws.


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