Using every election as an opportunity to change voting behavior, we track our voters’ long-term voting habits to maximize the cumulative impact of our work.

With behavioral science-informed messaging, we call, canvass, mail, and send digital ads to millions of low-propensity environmental voters each year with just one goal: turning them into better voters. Since 2015, we have contacted 10.5 million non-voting and seldom-voting environmentalists and helped convert over 1.8 million of them into “super voters” who now consistently vote their values in every federal, state, and local election.

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A chart of EVP's progress converting voters over time

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Blue graphic of a clock that reads "The Climate Minute" with the "MCAN Mass Climate Action Network" logo
  • May 16 2024
  • Press

Mass Climate Action Network: How you can help climate folks become reliable voters

EVP Organizing Director Shannon Seigal joins MCAN's The Climate Minute Series to discuss how you can help people concerned about climate issues become reliable voters.

ABC in white font with a black circle behind it and NEWS underneath
  • May 1 2024
  • Press

ABC News Live Prime: Turning out the climate change vote

ABC News’ MaryAlice Parks reports on the volunteers recruiting voters who care about climate change and the advocates working to make climate change a bigger election issue.

Voters at the polls casting their ballots in Clark County Nevada
  • April 24 2024
  • Press

Yale Climate Connections: ‘Basic peer pressure’: The plan to turn out millions of pro-climate voters in the 2024 U.S. election

EVP Founder and Executive Director Nathaniel Stinnett talks with Yale Climate Connections to discuss EVP's approach and the strategies anyone can use when talking with friends and family about the upcoming November election.

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