Using every election as an opportunity to change voting behavior, we track our voters’ long-term voting habits to maximize the cumulative impact of our work.

With behavioral science-informed messaging, we text, call, canvass, mail, and send digital ads to millions of low-propensity environmental voters each year with just one goal: turning them into better voters. Since 2015, we have contacted 8.7 million non-voting and seldom-voting environmentalists and helped convert over 1 million of them into “super voters” who now consistently vote their values in every federal, state, and local election.

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A chart of EVP's progress converting voters over time

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Source: Brianna Soukup/Portland Press Herald/Getty Images
  • May 25 2022
  • Press

The New Republic: These Data Nerds Think They’ve Found the Climate Silver Bullet: Nonvoting Environmentalists

The Environmental Voter Project wants to turn infrequent voters who care about the environment into a force that can swing elections.
In an aerial view from a drone, geothermal plants are seen near the receding shores of the Salton sea on February 13, 2021 near Calipatria, California. As the lake continues to evaporate,, its increasing salinity has made it unsustainable for the fish and great masses of white pelicans and other migratory birds that fed on them. As more lake bottom becomes exposed, fine particles of toxic dust are becoming a health hazard to local communities. Credit: David McNew/Getty Images
  • April 25 2022
  • Press

WBUR: What Voter Suppression in Places like Texas means for the Climate

Voters who care about climate change are also most likely to be hurt by voter suppression laws, writes Nathaniel Stinnett.

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  • April 21 2022
  • Press

theSkimm: What Your Vote in the Midterms Can Mean for Climate Change

4 (Solvable) Reasons We're Losing The Fight Against Climate Change.

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