The Easiest Way For Massachusetts Residents To Fight Climate Change

Environmental Non-Voters by Zip-Code

By the end of this century, Massachusetts may experience as many as 24 days above 100°F each year, not to mention nearly 1 in 5 Boston homes could wash away due to rising sea levels.

There’s no doubt about it - climate change is big and scary. In fact, sometimes it’s so scary that it becomes hard to think clearly about out how we, as individuals, can fight against something so enormous.

But there’s one really easy thing that each of us can do today.

In fact, you can do it right now - it only takes 2 minutes and it will have a big impact.

Click here and pledge to be a consistent Environmental Voter.

Yep, that’s all.

I know...I’re wondering how signing a simple online pledge will actually make a difference in the fight against climate change. But it will make a big difference -- both in Massachusetts and across the country -- and here’s why.

  • Why don’t voters prioritize climate change? Because we have a “turnout” problem -- the people who care most about climate change don’t vote. In fact, 15.78 million Americans who deeply care about climate change didn’t vote in the last midterm election, and 10.1 million didn’t even vote in the last Presidential election.

  • In Massachusetts alone, 277,250 environmentalists skipped the 2014 gubernatorial election and 139,975 didn’t even vote for President in 2012.

  • In short, our people aren’t showing up to vote, so the Environmental Voter Project is using this simple pledge to help you show every single election.

  • Studies have shown that if you sign this pledge to vote (and then we remind you of the pledge before each election), your likelihood of voting skyrockets. It’s an easy, effective way to help you be a more consistent voter.

  • Are you already a perfect voter? Please sign the pledge anyway! The more people who pledge to vote, the easier it is to convince others to join you!

We know you care about climate change, and we know that you want to be a consistent let us help you. We’ll never tell you who to vote for -- we just want to help you remember to vote.

Click here and pledge to be an Environmental Voter today.

If we flood the electorate with new environmental voters, politicians will have no choice but to listen...and to act.

Join us. It’s an easy way to make a difference today...and it only takes 2 minutes.