Environmental Voter Project: 2017 Impact Report

You wanted results? Well, here they are.

The Environmental Voter Project is thrilled to release its second Annual Impact Report.

Some quick highlights:

  • In each 2017 election, EVP increased voter turnout among poorly-voting environmentalists by 2.8% - 4.5% through mail and digital ads, and by 4.9% - 6.9% where we also used door-to-door canvassing.
  • Over 4% of our voter targets are now voting so consistently that other campaigns are turning them out at no cost to us.
  • If fully funded in 2018, EVP could add as many as 100,000 new environmental voters to the electorate.

A copy of the full Impact Report can be found here.

Please share this news with your friends and colleagues, and thank you so much for your support. We couldn't have achieved these amazing results without the generous support of our volunteers and donors.

Now are you ready for 2018?

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