Our 2018 Impact Report

We've got big news.

We've combed through voter files, crunched all the numbers, and now we're proud to provide you with a copy of the Environmental Voter Project's 2018 Impact Report.

Thanks to your help:

  • Our budget increased by 225% in 2018
  • The number of voters we contacted increased by 709%
  • We ultimately added 58,961 new environmental voters to the midterm election (across just 6 states)
  • Since launching, EVP has now created 93,423 consistent environmental super voters, who vote in local, state, and federal elections

Thank you. Thank you so much for helping us have such an enormous impact in 2018. Please take a moment to review the report.

But we refuse to rest. We've already mobilized environmentalists to vote in over 40 elections since last November, and we know that the cheapest way to make a new voter in 2020 is to start talking to them in 2019.

That is why some generous supporters have agreed to match every donation made in April up to $75,000!

Victory starts now.

Help EVP expand in 2019, and help us continue to flood the electorate with environmental voters.

Our work has never been more important.