Sign the pledge: I will vote in every election!

Environmentalists need to start voting...and we need to start now.

The good news is that signing this pledge to vote is one of the easiest things you can do to make sure that you're a consistent voter.

I will sign the Environmental Voter Pledge!

Why is this important?

According to Environmental Voter Project research, 20.1 million environmentalists are registered to vote...but most of us don't actually show up on Election Day.

  • In the 2016 Presidential election, 69% of registered voters turned out to vote...but only 50% of environmentalists did.
  • In the 2014 midterm elections, 44% of registered voters turned out to vote...but only 21% of environmentalists did.

In short, we have a turnout problem and we need to fix it.

Ok...but how will signing an online pledge form help?

Studies have shown that signing a pledge to vote can dramatically increase your likelihood of voting. It turns out that most of us don't like to break promises - even to ourselves.

So if (a) you promise to be a consistent environmental voter, and (b) we remind of that promise before each election, then you probably will be a consistent voter!

Sign the pledge; we'll send you reminders to vote before each election (local, state, and federal); and together we'll fix the environmental voter turnout problem.

If millions of environmentalists flood the polls, politicians will have no choice but to listen...and to lead.

Join the movement.