Who Lost The Debate? Our Children Did.

Two seconds. Just two seconds. That was the entire amount of time dedicated to climate change and other environmental issues in the third and final Presidential debate.

And the other debates weren't much better.

Hundreds of millions of Americans tuned in to see Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump debate the important issues that will chart the course of the most powerful nation on earth. And in those three debates, there wasn't a single moderator question on climate change, and the candidates spent a measly 327 combined seconds barely referencing the great existential threat facing our country and planet.

So while pundits filled out their scorecards to determine who won and lost, the debate's real losers were our children...because "climate silence" is almost as bad as climate denial...and future generations will rightly vilify us for ignoring climate change much longer.

But here's the thing: nothing motivates a politician more than the prospect of winning an election; and there's a silent majority of environmentalists who could change everything if we only voted more often.

Over 10.1 million environmentalists didn't vote in the 2012 presidential election. We can't let that happen again - when environmentalists don't vote, politicians feel free to ignore climate change.

So what can we do about it?

It all starts with signing this Environmental Voter Pledge.

Seriously...sign the pledge. Here's why:

  • Our people aren't showing up to vote, so we're using this simple pledge to help you show up...to every signle election.
  • Studies have shown that if you sign this pledge to vote (and then we remind you of the pledge before each election), your likelihood of voting skyrockets. It's an easy, effective way to help you be a more consistent voter.
  • Are you already a perfect voter? Please sign the pledge anyway! The more people who pledge to vote, the easier it is to convince others to join you!

 We know that you care about climate change, and we know that you want to be a consistent voter...so let us help you. We'll never tell you who to vote for - we just want to help you remember to vote.

Click here and pledge to be an Environmental Voter today.

If we flood the electorate with new environmental voters, politicians will have no choice but to discuss climate change...and lead on climate change.

Take the pledge today. Our children will thank us for it.