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Nathanial Stinnett, Executive Director of the Environmental Voter Project

In this second of two special bonus episodes to Season One of the Mother Earth Podcast, we sit down for a timely conversation with Nathaniel Stinnett. 

Nathaniel is the founder and executive director of the Environmental Voter Project. The EVP knows EXACTLY how to find non-voters who rank the environment as their top electoral priority and turn them into voters.

Nathaniel founded the Environmental Voter Project in 2016 to turn millions of non-voting environmentalists into voters. And he has seriously succeeded. In the 2020 presidential election, Nathaniel and his colleagues turned tens of thousands of historically non-voting environmentalists into voters in Georgia, more than the margin of victory. They did the same thing in Arizona. And across the country in 12 states they turned out hundreds of thousands of environmental voters who formerly were non-voters.

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In my conversation with Nathaniel, he explains how the EVP uses sophisticated big data to identify non-voting environmentalists and then employs cutting edge persuasion techniques based on behavioral psychology to turn them into voters. They test their methods against control groups and these tests have proved that their methods work. And EVP shows up over and over in local and state races throughout the country to ensure that the voting habit sticks over time. Tune in to this episode to hear about this fascinating and absolutely critical approach to turning the tide on the politics of climate change.

Most importantly, tune in to learn how YOU can get involved RIGHT NOW in the Georgia Senate elections. The EVP is running Georgia voter phone banks throughout December and right up to the last day of voting on January 5. The voting already has begun in Georgia so there is not a minute to spare. Jump on the EVP website NOW and volunteer and donate. Your time and money will not go toward some useless TV ad but to proven techniques that WILL turn out key voters.

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My conversation with Nathaniel gave me more hope on the climate crisis and our other pressing environmental problems than anything I have heard in a very long time. I think you'll find it inspiring too.

For People and Planet, thank you for listening.

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