My Views Are My Own

Image of Nathaniel Stinnett with text that reads My Views Are My Own podcast: episode 101 with special guest Nathaniel Stinnett. Now streaming.

Nathaniel Stinnett is the Founder and Executive Director of the Environmental Voter Project, a non-partisan nonprofit that uses data analytics and behavioral science to mobilize environmentalists to vote. He joins me on the podcast today to discuss how the project was created, why some environmentalists don't vote, and why some people consider the environment to be a partisan issue. We also identify some of the largest obstacles to environmental protection, most notably billions of dollars spent by Citizens United and the fossil fuel industry to influence elections and hinder regulations. However this is one of the most optimistic conversations I've had on climate action and environmental conservation in a very long time. The Environmental Voter Project has mobilized millions of non-voting environmentalists to vote over the last few years. And environmentalists are on track to become an increasingly powerful and influential voter block that will be impossible to ignore in future elections.


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