What We Do

Politicians won’t pay attention to environmentalists until we start voting, so we’re going to turn up the heat...by turning up at the polls. The Environmental Voter Project finds environmentalists across the United States and makes sure that they vote in every election. Here's how we do it:



Data Analytics

Using cutting-edge data analytics and predictive modeling tools, we have identified tens of millions of environmentalists across the United States who don’t vote as often as they should.

Friend-to-Friend Outreach

We don’t just stop with our data analytics research. With your help, our volunteer activists reach out to friends and family asking them to sign our online Environmental Voter Pledge – this is so important because it allows us to follow up and remind environmentalists across the country to vote in each and every election.

Will you join us by signing our voter pledge today?

Sign the Pledge

Engaging on the Issues that are Important to You

Voting is crucially important, but it’s not the only way for environmentalists like you to make a difference in your community. Sign up here to get updates on local, state, and federal environmental issues that affect your everyday life. 

Do you have a local environmental issue that’s important to you? Let us know about it! We’d be happy to contact EVP members in your area and help you organize with your neighbors.



Registering Environmental Voters

You can’t vote unless you’re registered to vote, so we’re building teams of volunteers around the country to register environmentalists to vote. 

Register to Vote

Are you interested in coordinating a voter registration drive in your neighborhood?



Mobilizing Environmental Voters

At the end of the day, it all comes down to voting. Politicians will only listen to us if we show up on Election Day.

Canvassing, Calls, Texts & Mail

We’re running sophisticated Get-Out-The-Vote campaigns with canvassers, phone-banks, text-banks, and direct mail, all tailored with messages specifically designed to get our identified environmentalists to vote.

Pledge Follow-ups

Before every election across the country, we follow up with people who have filled out our Environmental Voter Pledge and we remind them to vote. Multiple experiments have shown that reminding someone of their pledge to vote can dramatically increase that person’s likelihood of voting.

No Endorsements

We don’t endorse politicians; we focus on voters instead. Politicians want to get elected, so if we can dramatically increase the number of environmentalists who vote, then politicians will respond by providing us with the environmental leadership we demand.